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Wednesday, April 30, 2008 discuss in our forum | read comments(24)  
To run any Cydia applications or games on your iPhone or iTouch, you must be jailbroken first.

Not jailbroken yet? Click Here

Search "bossPrefs" in Cydia

From the developer’s site: “This native iPhone app is an offshoot of “Services” by Chris Hoffman. The app expands on services by adding some more options and focusing on being a complete preferences replacement. After installing BossPrefs you should be able to remove Customize, SMBPrefs, and Settings icons from your desktop.”

If you don't have this app yet, the go get it!!

Let me tell you this is the first tool that i install on a jailbroken touch or iPhone. Boss Prefs makes it easy to get all the info you need with a touch of a couple of buttons. Let me explain in more detail.

Main Screen

Here you have all your toggles,additional toggle buttons can be downloaded from cydia. From this screen you can quickly toggle your 3g, edge, wifi, bluetooth, ssh, etc. Not only that it will also provide the ip of edge, 3g, and wifi right here on the same screen.

Here is the configuration menu which you can customize the visual look of your main screen.

This is the MORE Section located on the top right corner of the main screen.
Here you have the following Settings:

Dock Icons: Allows you to add icons to your boss prefs system tray.
Fix User Dir Permissions: Quick fix for symptoms such as Mail app crashing, summerboard themes not working, notes not savings and other permission issues.
BossPrefs to Double Tap Home: Allows you to launch BossPrefs by double tapping the home key(round key)
Show Free Disk Space: Shows the total space in use on your phone.
Enable numeric Battery: One of my Favs, shows your battery level in a 0-100 percent meter.
Disable Apple App Kill switch: If apple dislikes an app(for whatever reason), they can remove it from your device using a kill switch function.

Hide Icons - Self Explanatory

Power Manage

Fast Respring - For changing things like language that don't require a restart of the springboard
Respring and Lock - Resprings the phone / ipod and locks it
Reboot - Reboots Device
Power Off - Shuts down Device



   Anonymous Anonymous - 

is there an app to enable 3g data on unlocked iphone 3.0 OS running on t-mobile network or will that be available in the future, where user can use 3G ?CCKB590137 
   Anonymous Anonymous - 

I cant find bossPrefs any where, please help 
   Anonymous Anonymous - 

you need to jailbreak your iPhone. It's in Cydia the blackmarket app store. 
   Anonymous Anonymous - 

down onder it´s says "Reload springboard" and now it´s not stopping whit turning and i can´t quit.what now guys....please help me 
   Anonymous Anonymous - 

sucks for u anonymous. try holding the power and home buttons until it goes black, then hold the power for 3 seconds and it should turn back on 
   Anonymous Anonymous - 

is this more preferred than sbsettings 
   Anonymous Zero - 

SBSettings is an optional 'replacement' for bossPrefs for those who don't like it. They're not very different from each other, except that SBSettings can be accessed at any time (during app use, on the springboard, even from the lockscreen) by swiping across the status bar with your finger. 
   Anonymous Anonymous - 

when i go to instaill it says note the requested modifactions ............. and there is no confirm button please help 
   Anonymous Anonymous - 

As of a week ago (1/15/10) my 1st gen iPhone no longer scans for networks for wireless. It is always on the Edge network. Does this have anything to do with BossPrefs? I have the 3.1.2 software on my phone and it is jailbroken. Please help! 
   Anonymous Anonymous - 

i have the same problem as the guy above me. what should i do? i have a tmobile sim card and updated my iphone but it doesnt read it anymore. what do i have to do? Thanks. 
   Anonymous Anonymous - 

Anonymous.. you have to reset the network for your wireless. Go to: SETTINGS > GENERAL > RESET > RESET NETWORK SETTINGS. Do this and you'll be fine. If you are jailbroken or unlocked DO NOT WORRY this will not change anything... Cheers 
   Anonymous Anonymous - 

i have the blackberry plan but i put my sims card in the iphone and the data wont work what do i do 
   Blogger Rasel - 


after installing bossprefs on my iphone 3.1.2 it goes completely dead when i have connected it to USB. Till i cant turn it on.plz help :((((

   Blogger Rasel - 

please help :( 
   Anonymous Anonymous - 

no help for you 
   Blogger scott - 

i put bosspref on my iphone 3gs and when i hit reboot it turned off then shortly later the apple logo came on then a few seconds later went back off doing completely nothing after. please help!!!!!!!!!!! 
   Anonymous Anonymous - 

does anyone know how to delete emails that come up on the IPhone 3GS from the autocomplete feature? These are e-mails that I may have used once and are not saved in my contacts and now I cannot figure out how to get rid of them. Please help!!! 
   Anonymous Anonymous - 

Hi to be clearer, I am taliking about email addresses. 
   Anonymous Anonymous - 

umm wen i try to open bossprefs it jst goes away back to the home screen plz help 
   Anonymous Anonymous - 

My phone is unlocked and jailbroken, but i still cannot find bossprefs. can someone please help me????? 
   Anonymous Anonymous - 

How do you begin to use Bossprefs? I can't even access it. 
   Anonymous Anonymous - 

Nvm It was just hiding in my apps 
   Anonymous Anonymous - 

hi when i try to run boos prefs on my iphone it says inialising the goes back to menu screen yes I'm unlocked any ideas 
   Blogger grscubadiver - 

I installed everything and Boos Prefs will not stay up when I click on it --What a poor program this is 

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